Harmonious Design System for InterWiki


The Interwiki is very useful system. However, it has a disadvantage, is hard to harmonaize with the GOI theme design. Therefore, we propose a system to solve this problem.

Features of the Interwiki

The interwiki is designed in harmony with theme of the SCP Foundation, but it is not with GOI themes, because it cannot modify the design of the interwiki by using css module in wikipage.

There is one Simple solution… but

Well, there is one way to show harmonious interwiki: using filter property into iframe. This is an example: Marshall Carter and Dark hub

However, it cannot use to border-changed GOI theme: Straight On Till Morning Hub

and also, we cannot use an accurate color, because of brightness value doesn't work well, it is also effect to background of the interwiki. so, We decided it was impossible to fully match the interwiki.

The new way

If we control iframe's HEIGHT of interwiki, the problem was solved. Because when it control the value to "0", CSS can control interwiki's style, at least border.

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